Min 200 Hp, max 330 HP (PTO)

Engine power

1200 x 900 mm

Maximum infeed opening

600 mm softwood, 450 mm hardwood

Maximum diameter

The AX12045 is a ‘heavy-duty’ chipper with a drum diameter of 820 mm. The chipper retains the particularly robust construction of AXSEL drum chippers so that reliability and excellent performance are guaranteed. A large infeed guide enables this chipper to take large volumes of material easily. A broad platform enables the routine replacement of the drum blades to be carried out very quickly. This ensures maximum access to the drum. A 1250 mm ejector wheel enables the chipper to be operated even at speeds of less than 600 rpm in order to reduce the amount of dust and fine particles produced. An extensive operating system enables maintenance intervals to be set quite easily. The chipper can be driven by both a diesel engine and a PTO drive. Assembly options are slow-/fast-tow or as a ‘standalone’ package