At Hencon Forestry We have recently been busy developing a new brand.

Our new brand has been in the market since November 30th and is being called listening AXSEL.

AXSEL, ‘never off duty’. A name that is synonymous with quality, no-nonsense, service-oriented, reliable and innovative. Of course, the name AXSEL also stands for a solid assortment of forestry machines.

With the new brand AXSEL we have also entered into a strategic partnership with the Italian brand Pezzolato, in which we make use of each other’s strengths. A number of AXSEL machines will be built in Italy but will appear in the market under the new brand name AXSEL.

In this way we can offer you the right chipper for each application.

Whichever Chipper you choose, quality, reliability, service and a good cost of ownership are our first priority.

And above all: “Never off Duty”


Dirk-Jan Winkelhorst

General Manager Hencon Forestry