7000 Hp diesel engine

Engine power

1400 x 1100 mm

Maximum infeed dimensions

800 mm

Maximum diameter


The ALL ROAD is a self-propelled chipper with features recently launched on the market for the first time.

These include:

The ALL ROAD is characterised by a compact frame and high manoeuvrability for ease of use, on any terrain.

The Pezzolato drum is known for its reliability, wear-resistance and minimal maintenance and is designed to guarantee best-quality chips – from G30 to G100 –all with just a few simple adjustments.

To expand the range of the crane, the crane is positioned next to the cab so that the cab can be raised up and positioned a metre from the centre in order to maximise the view of the infeed table when work is under way.

The All Road software has been upgraded to allow the operator to move the machine around the site without interrupting the chipping process.

In addition, it enables automatic switching from road to work mode in less than a minute.


√ High manoeuvrability

√ Self-propelled

√ Ease of use on any terrain

√ Automatic switching from road to work mode

√ Maximum capacity